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We develop enterprise-level web and mobile apps.

From consultation to implementation and execution, all development phases of mobile and web applications are addressed by a team with global reach and expertise. Our goal is to ensure 100% client satisfaction by offering innovative, reliable and robust development services. At Maverick Technology, we do not compromise on the quality of the work that we produce. Not only is this in the better interest of the client but it also reflects our standards to the world, which we take with great seriousness.


  • Over 100 full-time employees
  • State of the art development centers
  • 8+ years in business
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Strong technology competency
  • Seamless communication
  • Competitive pricing & on-time delivery
  • Client base from across the globe Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia

For over 8 years, Maverick Technology has been building award-winning websites for businesses all over the country. These services include Software DevelopmentWebsite DesignWeb Development, eCommerce Website DesignGraphic DesignLogo Design, Website Redesign, Search Engine OptimizationSocial Media Marketing, Flash Design, Video Design, 3D modeling & animation, and Mobile Applications.

Maverick Technology features a team compiled of some of the top websites, graphics, and flash designers in the country. In addition, we have 5 incredible programmers that can handle any custom programming job you can imagine.

Our clients stay our clients, and not because we do “enough” to keep them from going elsewhere, but because we go far beyond the call of duty in ensuring that they have no need to look anywhere else for their website design and programming needs. We look forward to watching your success, as we have with our current clients.

Maverick Technology was founded in 2010 to become a leading technology company. With over 6 years of experience, Maverick technology matured from narrowly-focused technology company to a well-established technology hub.

Throughout its own history, Maverick Technology has always focused its efforts in upholding the growth of its clients, fortune over 1000 customers and 800 various technology based projects across the globe. In-between that tenure Maverick Technology has worked with 10+ countries including USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Germany, France, Australia and Asia.

Clients are facing extremely competitive times in the industry. In this environment, traditional means of marketing – which client depends on – are becoming less effective by the moment. A high impact web site is necessary to effectively reach new clients and provide an edge over the competition.

Client requires a site that:

  • Provides a modern web presence
  • Increases and converts visitors
  • Offers relevant information
  • Gives current & potential clients the means to contact the firm
  • Also required is a CMS ( content management system) that will allow client to easily manage content on the site

Building Profitable Relationship with Innovative Solutions and Services to Accelerate Customer’s Business by producing high quality Web Design and Development projects which captivate and inspire the clients to a higher level of belief in the company production.

Our mission is to be the blacksmiths of tech world by helping businesses to navigate their tech frameworks through all dimensions, and strive for the breathtaking state-of-the-art development, business intelligence, implementation and consulting. We will communicate frequently with our customers to know their feedbacks and keep ourselves evolving at the same pace as technology is; to make sure that our clienteles will get the finest of it.

Right from inception, we have sought to explore and go beyond the defined limits strictly. That is why, despite being a production company, we are known & recognized as much more than that, with adequate physical & technical infrastructure for research, concept development, impact assessment, visualization and so on.

“The success of Maverick Technology is bound with the success of its clients.”

To reach the peak of excellence we need to work as a team and render the highest possible standards using latest tools and technologies.

As we are staggering towards triumph to be a world-class one-stop tech service provider in each genre of development by delighting and gratifying our customers need. Our vision is to be part of top leaders of tech service and solution providers while nourishing our notions, modernization and integrity by fabricating the values for our stakeholders.

Will continue the pace to double valor of our employees to the cutting edges, capitalizing the return for stockholders and engaging in sustainable practices by leveraging low cost while still upholding the quality of our services.

Our basic belief is to rebel the deprived standards, uplifting our tech dexterity and lavish contribution to the world. Maverick technology professionals are devoting to affirm the values which are more than just words and are taken to the heart.

To meet our vision we hold the following core values:

  • We are committed to our customer’s requirements: We work to understand our customer’s present and future needs, we continuously act to meet and exceed their expectations, and to be the systems and solutions provider of their choice.
  • We are performance & quality ambitious: We strive to improve and excel, through continuously innovation and we combine our experience and expertise to offer unparalleled quality products and services.
  • We value our people & business partners: We identify individual and team performance, we value fairness in all our dealings with people, we subscribe to the principles of openness, integrity and accountability, and we invest in the ongoing development of our skills.

At Maverick Technology, we specialize in web and social application development offering a combination of consulting, outsourcing, offshore and specialized services across all types of websocial media and mobile app development activities. We pride ourselves in the diversity of the expertise that we offer and our impeccable record with satisfied clients so far. Much of this success is owed to some of the most rigorous and effective methodology that we at Maverick Technology employ in our production process to ensure the best of results.


In order to develop effective documentation and modeling of systems based on software, we use Agile Modeling, which is basically a proven methodology based on practice. It offers the following flexible options for operation after production:

  • Customer satisfaction by delivering working software within the set time frame, on a regular basis.
  • Measuring the progress of development process on the basis of performance levels and functionality of the software.
  • Assigning proficient team of motivated and self-organized individuals.
  • Get business people and developers to work cohesively on a daily basis.
  • Be open to changes required in the process.
  • Continue a sustainable pace of development.
  • Keep switching to good designs continuously.


Waterfall Model. We, at Maverick Technology opt to incorporate both in our web and app development process in order to retrieve the most reliable and efficient results.

The waterfall model emphasizes on a phase-by-phase progress and accentuates on sequential development. This makes it a preferred choice at Maverick Technology for undertaking strategic software development under this model. There are absolutely no repetition or overlapping of any of the said phases. The model is structured in a way that developing software under it unfolds in the following steps:

  • Analyzing the client requirements and defining them explicitly to facilitate.
  • Better picture of how and what to deliver.
  • System and Software design and determination of platform best suited for the incorporation of determined requirements.
  • Design document before coding is commenced.
  • Testing the website or application through various means to ensure highest quality assurance.
  • Deployment after the software passes all quality and performance

Maverick Technology team is good arrangement of Managers, Business Analysts, Senior Technical Engineers, Software & Quality Engineers. We have a team of 30 people from different institutes with an experience of 2-12 years. Our development & quality assurance team have expertise in different tools and technologies to better develop modified solutions for our clients. Our diversify experience helps our clients choose best fit technologies against their customized requirements.

The role & responsibilities of each individual are well defined in a team. We hold the teams together throughout the project lifecycle & focus on defined goals to achieve quality in their individual work assignments and build quality system as a whole.

Our teams have skills in following tools and technologies to develop modified solutions based on customized requirements and by using cutting edge technologies.

  • Mobile Apps & Games (2D/3D)

iPhone/iPad/iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, .net CE , J2ME

  • Web Application Development

ASP, ASP.net, JSP, Servlets, Java, PHP, MYSQL, HTML, HTML 5, Cascading Style Sheets, XSL,XML, AJAX, VBScript, JavaScript, WEB 2.0, ATOM 1.0, RSS, Joomla, WordPress CMS, Web services (JSON, SOAP)

  • Web/Graphic Designing

Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Modeling, 3D Max Z-brush

  • Web and Application Server

Oracle Application Server, BEA Weblogic Server, JRun, Apache, Tomcat Server,  Internet Information Server

  • Desktop, Distributed and Client-Server Applications

C#, C++, VB.net, Visual Basic, Java (Standard, Enterprise & Mobile Editions)

  • Software Analysis and Design (CASE Tools)

UML, Rational Rose Erwin, Power Designer, MS Vision

  • Project Management & Source Control

Microsoft Project, Visual Source Safe, Rational Clear Case

  • Databases

Oracle MS SQL Server, MS Access, My SQL

All of us grind in a world where ?technology is king?. In this industry, we face tons of interesting challenges which are led by expert individuals to drive their dedicated goals. The wholesome dispute comes when the right use of technology for the right job is in need. Wrong selection of a tech even for a right-brainer can lead your goals to the abyss. To encounter these skirmish you need to hire a fully mature firm stuffed with highly experienced engineers like Maverick Technology. We have boundless set of software which provides you the infrastructure for a single computer, a server or a whole business.

Maverick Technology is fully capable to undertake all segments of production process with the application of most modern techniques available in the market and we streamline the following:


  • .Net
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node JS


  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • CSS 3
  • Backbone JS
  • Marionette JS
  • Angular JS
  • jQuery


  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Shrepoint
  • WordPress


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • Xamarin
  • Phonegap
  • Sencha Touch
  • Swift
  • ObjecyiveC
  • Java
  • React
  • Flutter
  • Web Application Development

Our customized web application development will enable you to run and manage your business online. You will have the power to see your business from any place just from a web browser. Web applications for business help you manage your office as well as client related functionality online. This way you become free from geographic boundaries and can grow your business fast. Read More

  • Game Development

We are always striving to find new ideas for our existing and new games. We currently developing for IOS, android, Black berry, Windows mobile, Web and desktop platform. Our games are 2D & 3D games, but we try our best to bring the best visual and gaming experience to the users. Read More

  • Software Development

Maverick Technology set of software development services covers most of business applications including finance, manufacturing, accounts and enterprise resource planning solutions. Read More

  • 3D Animation & Modeling

Graphics and animation can greatly enhance a website’s appearance and overall effect on its visitors. We have a large variety of softwares here at Maverick Technology, which allows us to create a boundless supply of graphics, animations and models for your website. Read More….

  • Web Designing/Development (Flash and Dynamics)

Maverick Technology understands your business and classifies your goals. Maverick Technology defines and envisions your web-presence objectives & set up how users will interact with it. Maverick Technology follows trouble-free yet valuable strategies towards web site design and development. Read More….

  • CMS (Content Management System)

A content management system is a software package that helps you manage your website content. Generally, you use a CMS to build websites and then create, publish and distribute content. Depending on the system, you can use a content management system to make a variety of customization such as integrated website analytics, SEO capabilities, automated email management, and more. Read More….

  • Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications development is the process of developing software for small devices such as enterprise digital assistants or personal digital assistants. Read More

  • Graphic Design

Maverick graphic design team is highly skilled, experience and listens to our clients, design requirements very carefully to bring up a design solution that really meet their expectations. Read More

  • Online Marketing

We focus on generating leads and opportunities for your businesses through a variety of online marketing strategies. Read More

  • Web hosting and Domain

A domain name is like identification that specifies a certain part of the Internet as your property it is the actual name of your website that will point to your web hosting account. You need your domain name to advertise your business on internet. Read More

  • Concept Design, Wire-framing and UI Design Services
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Small & Medium Level Solutions

Maverick Technology has a team of well skilled Project Manager, Project Leader, System Analyst, Programmers & Consultant. Regular working out keep our skills up-to-date. Our all professionals are well experienced engineers from reputed universities. We work with current technologies & have employees with good knowledge to give the best to our customers. A brief of our expertise set have been categorized as under:

Database:- Sql Server, Oracle, Ms-Access, Visual Foxpro, Postgres, Mysql, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL Server 2000 & MSSQL 2005, Postgresql, MySQL 4.x/5.x.

Development Tools:- Visual Interdev, Visual Studio, Front page, Dreamweaver, JDK, Parity.

Languages:- PHP, .Net, Visual Basic, DOT Net Frame Work, Visual C++, ASP, CSS, HTML,CSS3, HTML5, DHTMl, Perl, Java, C/C++, VisualBasic DAO, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), ActiveX, COM, DCOM, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Microsoft Message Queing (MSMQ), VB.NET, C#. ColdFusion, Drupal

Web Page Development:- HTML, Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver UltraDev (Preferred), Visual Interdev, Visual Studio .Net 2003 & .NET 2005 Drumbeat, Mojo, Frontpage, JavaScript, Jscript, VBscript.

Designing:- Adobe Photoshop (Preferred), Image Ready, Flash, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Flash and Anipro for 2DAnimation, 3DMax and 3D Studio, Apple Quicktime, Adobe AfterEffects, Fireworks.

Web Promotions:- Search engine optimization (SEO), promotion consultancy and analysis, online marketing, product promotion & submissions,PPC

Web Application Development:- WML, WMLscript, XML.[/toggle][toggle title=’API / SDks:-‘]MAPI, TAPI, Dialogic, Microsoft Speech API, ODBC, JDBC

Protocols:- TCP/IP , SMTP , POP3 , IMAP , LDPA , TNPP , CTI , SNMP , TAPI , SS7 , FTP , SMS , HTTP, TAP

iPhone:- SDk 3.0, iPhone theme customization , iPhone Game development

Open Source :- Magento Shopping cart, Interspire shopping cart, Joomla / Virtuemart , WordPress, Custom CMS, AspDotNetStoreFront customization, Drupal customization, Zen Cart shopping cart and X-cart Shopping cart

Web Server:- Internet Information Server, Apache, Linux, IIS, RedHatSecure

Content Management System:- WordPress,Joomla, Mamboo, Drupal, PHPNuke, XOOPS ,DotNetNuke

Wireless Development:- Pocket PC – Win CE platform using EVB (Embedded Visual Basic), Palm 3x and 4x using MobileVB (Appforge)

Design Studios:- Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Flash MX, Director, Shockwave, Photoshop 6, Freehand, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Fireworks, Golive, Aftereffects, Painter, 3d studio, Maya, lightwave, softimage, bryce, Cold Fusion, etc

Operating Systems:- Windows 2003 .NET Server, Linux , Unix, Windows 95, Windows 98, Win ME/XP and Windows NT/2000.

Mutimedia & Designing:- Flash, Photoshop, Coreldraw, Fireworks, Gif Animator, MX Technlogies,3D Max, Director

Server Development:- .NET, VB, Cake PHP, Zend Framework And all other current available languages in the market

Cloud Technologies:- Amazon Web Services,Azure,Firebase,Parse,Zencoder,Heroku

What is the Maverick Web Process?

The Maverick Technology Web Process is our own unique & innovative approach to design & marketing, named so because we provide you with a “Complete” formula for success. Our process works as well as it does because we understand the importance of simplifying the work process into easy-to-follow steps and making sure you are involved in each one of these steps as we go along.

  • Planning and Analysis

The first and most important part of our process. Our team of professionals collaborate with you so we can fully understand your business needs, goals and objectives. Here at Maverick, analysis is an ongoing process as your project evolves from conceptualization to the final product. This way, we not only enhance the business solutions we provide to you, but provide you with a variety of alternatives to choose from.

  • Selection and Designing

Our team works closely with you to present all the information and options available to you so you can pick the right design plan for your business. We understand that there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter business; your company is unique and has specific needs. Therefore, we provide you with endless designs, constantly revising until both you and our team are 100% satisfied.

  • Development and Testing

This is where our team gets down to the nitty-gritty and starts shaping your custom solutions into reality. Again, we make sure you are involved in every step of the process, and we will never make any changes without your approval. The development phase and testing phase are concurrent; we test each development as we go along to save time and be as efficient as possible. Our analysts then provide us with follow-up feedback, which we then implement accordingly. Afterwards, you are given a chance to review the end product and request any final changes or touch-ups as needed.

  • Implementation and Integration

The moment of truth. After going through our rigorous testing and development phase, it’s time to take you live on the World Wide Web. We make sure your website is accessible, that everything is working correctly and is integrated with back end databases for your security and peace of mind.

  • Maintenance and Support

As businesses expand and evolve, their needs change. We offer a variety of maintenance packages to ensure your website gets the customization and maintenance that is so necessary to survive in the online business world. We also offer a 3 month period of warranty which includes website code bug fixing, and begins as soon as your website or software is launched.

  • Branding and Marketing

Our relationship doesn’t end with you simply because we’ve now launched your business into the World Wide Web. Internet exposure is only the first step, and we want to make sure your business is around and thriving for a very long time. We provide exceptional online marketing and branding solutions to help your business enter new markets and attract new customers while retaining your current customer base, creating a brand loyalty that is not offered by any other online business solution provider.

We Provide

  • Consultation

We have what it takes to convert your good business plan to an extraordinary business plan. Share your ideas and goals with our consultants and let them guide you towards how to achieve them. Whether you are implementing a new idea or simply expanding your existing business, our consultants are willing to guide you all throughout the way.

  • Designing

Not only are we skilled at putting colors into your business concept, we are also able to give it a personality of its own with our striking designs. Let our designers take on your idea and bring it to life, right before your eyes. Our team possesses the ability to create designs that will make a remarkable impact on all of your clients.

  • Development

We know how to extract the concepts in your thoughts and share them with the world. Let our developers turn your vision into a reality. We know how to develop the most informative and user-friendly websites that make your business idea look worthwhile and innovative.

  • Typography

If you have done the hard work of devising a business plan, let us take on the responsibility of letting it flow in words. Let our typographers add that special touch of words and descriptions to your plan. Our expert team understands the importance of details and coherence within content; therefore, you can be rest assured that no details will be overlooked.

  • Hosting

We provide you with your own personal space in the most convenient manner possible. We request our clients to choose their preferred type of hosting and then, we take on the responsibility of all the technicalities of the transfer. Furthermore, to live up to our commitment, we provide 24 hours, unlimited support for all the clients who are hosting with us.

  • Marketing

To generate profitability within a business, you need customers; in order to acquire customers, you need to get noticed. We offer you the proper recognition you seek. Our company gives your business idea the exposure and market value that it requires for exponential growth.

We Promise

  • Commitment

We know what we want to accomplish; we develop a plan to do it; we dedicate ourselves to following the plan and we are proud to take full responsibility of what we develop. We greatly value long-term relations and partnerships, so we remain loyal and dedicated to our clients.

  • Understanding

Each business plan functions in a unique environment, demanding a different set of insight. Our focus is to understand the individual needs of each of our clients, to dig deep into what they are actually trying to achieve and to analyze the problems they are facing from their perspective. After fully understanding our clients and their problems, we then guide them in the manner that is easy for them to comprehend.

  • Prioritizing

Our clients are our topmost priority. Each client deserves special attention and should be completely satisfied with our services. Our company ensures that our clients are delivered the products that they had initially idealized.

  • Satisfaction

Every client deserves results and prompts feedback on the progress of their work. We interact with our clients constantly and keep them updated about the progress of their projects.

  • Improvement

Nothing in this world is perfect; hence, there is always room for improvement in every plan and idea. Our team continuously strives to improve the quality of your product. We have established high standards in business practices with our clients where we place great emphasis on the quality of work delivered by us. As we continue to grow, we aim to become the best of the best in this industry.

Quality is important at Maverick Technology and is the root of our foundation. Quality is an investment and not an expense. At Maverick Technology we have a quality process management system that ensures the creation of only the strongest websites. We work closely with our team of specialists and provide a quality control system that begins with the first phase of the project and continues till we meet our end result.

Maverick Technology Quality Assessment Department ensures the quality management process through:

  • Set Quality Targets to be met by your team
  • Define how those quality targets will be measured
  • Take the actions needed to measure quality
  • Identify quality issues and improvements
  • Report on the overall level of quality achieved

By using this Quality Management Process, we can:

  • Perform Quality Assurance
  • Undertake Quality Control
  • Initiate Quality Improvement
  • Implement Quality Management

Our philosophy is rooted in quality and we always focus to produce innovative and compelling work through an efficient process that involves you every step of the way.

Maverick Technology principles provide quality control. We check and test each website and software and approve each with our unique quality seal. Customer satisfaction is our striving force and we ensure that each client is satisfied through high quality design and craftsmanship of each website and through the highest set of quality standards.

Our Quality Assessment Department works closely with the client and provides our clients with the most expertise quality control system available.

As a customer, you think that should be concerned about our processes? How important our processes are for our customer.



At Maverick Technology, we have a team of skilled and experienced individuals who design and develop websites along with offering various online marketing techniques. Our development department thoroughly evaluates a business and communicates with the client to analyze the project. The account managers at Maverick Technology supervise each project from beginning till the end. Furthermore, our expert team offers branding as well as video production services under one roof, apart from the main web designing service. We consider the most suitable online marketing techniques for your business, set targets and then work towards achieving them.

Our set of goals and targets differ with each project. Before we progress with a project, our manager coordinates and communicates with the clients to highlight these goals. The goals vary from the customized features to the specific standards regarding traffic, branding, conversion rates and sales. The Account Managers keep the clients updated with the performance and advancements until the project ends.

Yes, we are able to provide references if required. Moreover, we currently do have testimonials on the clients page of this website and we also have a portfolio page filled with some of our latest work.


At the beginning of every project, the extent of work is acknowledged in the terms of Maverick Technology agreement. If a client requests any changes in the work during its development, then the related costs and other differences are brought to the client’s notice along with an additional agreement. Our account managers update the clients regarding every significant progression and achievement of targets.

A team is formed according to the requirements of a project. The team members are highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields and would deliver the finest quality of work. Every project is also assigned an accounts manager, as well as a project manager to serve as your main points of contact.

Project updates are relayed to the clients through our online based project management software called Basecamp. Each client is updated on a weekly basis regarding the progress of their project; however, communication is not limited to just once a week with Basecamp. Continuous correspondence and exchange of ideas/questions occur on a regular basis.

Account Managers are readily available via the following methods: Email , Skype or Call

The source files and other project related files are owned by the clients. After the completion of a project, Maverick Technology transfers the source files to the client and does not claim any ownership from this point onwards; this transfer is done using Basecamp.

Of course we do! Maverick Technology marketing team consists of a copywriting unit, which is dedicated to providing authentic and professional content for your website. Our copywriters assist our clients with generating content for their websites, blogs, marketing and advertising resources, press outreach and press releases.

We code using the following languages: PHP, C++, C, Object C, Java, .Net, Asp, HTMl, HTML5, CSS, CSS3 etc

The following are the CMS platforms we work with: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Custom CMS

The following are the eCommerce platforms we recommend and work with: Magento, OScommerce, Prestashop, Virtuemart, ZenCart, OpenCart, Big Commerce, Shopify etc.

The website hosting company (selected by the client or recommended by Maverick Technology) is supposed to provide firewall and SSL security. We guarantee that all confidential data, including passwords, is kept safe by using Quality Assurance (QA) testing and monitoring. In case of any mishap, Maverick Technology also keeps a record of backups of all website files, and updates these files if any changes are made.

After the completion of the website, we offer a one-hour training session with our clients to give them an overview on how the CMS or the admin panel of their new website works. Our Account Managers are readily available and provide assistance to clients even after the one-hour training session, if required. This training is conducted via the following methods:
Skype Video Sharing

Yes – we provide a 90 day warranty on all of our projects, specifically on our code. However, if there have been alterations made to the website’s code by a third party, regrettably, we won’t be able to resolve that under our warranty.


Maverick Technology offers various maintenance plans ranging from content management to design and marketing. Some clients decide to include maintenance plans into their original web development agreements; while others choose to add maintenance plans after their website has been completed.

A number of our clients have retainers with us for routine maintenance and updates. In order for us to accurately keep track of how much time has actually been spent on the update, we use an online based software called Time Doctor. This software allows us to track the amount of time the developer(s) have worked on an update and it also takes screenshots of their desktop(s) every 3 minutes. If there are any discrepancies or concerns, Time Doctor allows us in resolving them by providing us with detailed reports to submit to clients if the need be.

We are available for updates whenever they are required. Consider us to be a part of your own business and consult us whenever you need help or suggestions. Our team can handle all technical issues, even for websites we have not developed.

Yes – we offer various hosting packages and maintain the websites on our server.


The motive behind every marketing campaign is to raise the rankings, conversions and profits. We build our campaigns accordingly, to achieve the same objectives. We keep a constant check on our campaigns’ statistics, such as search engine rankings, keyword performance, cost per acquisition and other essential data. We believe that they are the best way to prove and measure the success of a particular campaign.

Yes, we can list your websites on all the search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc

Our marketing team is proficient with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click). According to the specifications of the clients, we select the most appropriate method of driving traffic to our client’s website.

Yes we can. We also design themes and banners for social media channels. Furthermore, we also have the ability to create customized Social Media Marketing packages, based on our client’s needs.


With the busy lives people are leading in today’s world, the best and most effective way of reaching out to clients and promoting your business is through the World Wide Web. Websites allow your existing and potential clients to learn more about you and reach out to you in the most convenient and accessible way possible. A website has conquered the restrictions of print and broadcast media by reaching a diversity of audience 24×7, with a single click. It gives you the opportunity to expose yourself to current and potential clients and allows them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with your company and your products/services. Not only that, websites put your business in the spotlight and allow you the chance to persuade clients why you are the best in your respective industry. You can use features such as visitor polls and online surveys to determine what your customers like and how they feel about certain products/services you offer. Furthermore, websites are easy to maintain and update, which gives you the leverage of adding/deleting new and old features, services and products at your own convenience.

Nowadays, people prefer to research your company and its offerings over the net before deciding to engage in transactions with you. Whether your business is new in the market or has been the leader in its industry for years, your website serves as a first impression to all of your clients. Make a strong impression and you are bound to succeed; treat the issue otherwise and your existence will hardly be acknowledged. If you still have doubts as to why you should have your own website, contact us and let our expert consultants explain the importance of online presence for every business in today’s day and age.

When a company invests in building a website, their goal is to establish online presence, as well as appearing on the first page (preferably at the top) when searches are conducted for their area of expertise. A search is conducted when keywords are typed in by the user using a search engine; as a result, the search engine displays the most relevant websites associated with those keywords. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique used to give your website a higher ranking amongst your competitors on search engines.

Consumers have accustomed their lifestyles and habits to keep up with the fast-paced environment in today’s world. Time is of the essence and people have become heavily dependent on information being readily available. This behavior also pertains to the manner in which consumers search the World Wide Web for products/services they need. When people conduct a search on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., they tend to locate, what they are in need of, on the 1st page of the search results. Very rarely do they tend to visit the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pages of their search results to find what they are looking for. Therefore, it is essential for your website to be on the first page of search results in order to be adequately exposed to all of your consumers. SEO is the single most important element behind attaining this position in search engines.

While we design our website with a creative inclination, let us also bear in mind certain must follow guidelines in web design.

  • Speed: The web pages must load fast. This means, if a website visitor has to wait for over 15 seconds for the page to load, he is sure to lure away. So, you have a great design – make it such that it loads quickly too.
  • Navigation: The navigation should be clear and customer should be able to easily spot what he is there for.
  • Resolution: Make your graphics compatible with all the different resolutions available from 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768.
  • Compatibility: You web design should work on all available browsers.
  • Fonts: Use readable and professional fonts depending on the type of website. If it is a funky website – go ahead – use all the creative fonts!
  • White space: Don’t leave white spaces on the web page.
  • Broken links: Always check your website for broken links.

Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is the means for describing the structure of text information in all web documents. XHTML or Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language is almost similar to HTML in most of its features which is designed for being a HTML successor.

There are very few minor points if we compare them as they are like identical twins. XHTML was actually derived from HTML. The major difference between them is coding in XHTML is comparatively strict than HTML that is if there are some lapses in structure and coding while working in HTML than it could get away easily but that is not a case while working in XHTML. In HTML, there is a liberty to ignore validation of the code. Moreover, tag closing is compulsory in XHTML which is not compulsory in HTML so XHTML closes the tags which were left open by HTML. So we can say that XHTML actually completes HTML.

Also in XHTML, closing of nested tags should be performed in same manner and form in which manner its opening was done. It is also done in HTML but it is not as strict as XHTML. Moreover, tags should be compulsorily used in lowercases in XHTML which is not the case in HTML.

Another difference between them is HTML is an application of SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) while XHTML is an application of XML (Extensible Markup Language). HTML also allows user to omit certain tags and use attribute minimization but XHTML doesn’t permit the omission of tags or the use of attribute minimization but it does provide some short notations for some empty elements like for.

There are two major types of Website Development that is Static Web Development and Dynamic Web Development. A type of web development which is becoming popular nowadays is a CMS website.

A Content Management System is essentially a web based application which includes most hosting plans which lets you design, organize and manage your website easily. A CMS is a PHP application which lets you create and manage your website using an admin panel. While in a HTML website, you have to use programs such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver to edit the website.

Compared to CMS, HTML pages give limited functionality which makes difficult for a developer to express himself. With CMS you have an option of making add-ons to your website and choosing from a wide range of functionalities. Using CSS files, you have an ability to control the design part of the site. With the help of more functionality, you can make your website more Search Engine friendly as you can have full control over the URL, title, Meta tags and every other aspect of the content of the web page.

CMS site is more organized than HTML site. In CMS, you can easily login to the admin panel and control all the aspects of your website.

It depends on the type of the website and its objectives, developers decide whether to opt for CMS or for HTML site. Moreover, you can put any HTML site on a CMS but you cannot put any CMS on an HTML. If you have a small budget and updating or changing is not required in your website at regular intervals than HTML website is best suitable

CMS is a user-friendly system that allows website administrators to control and edit all website content, including text, images, files, inserted links and pages present on the website. Using a CMS, website maintenance and updates become easily manageable by non-technical administrators.

There are a number of reasons why you need a CMS for your business.

  • Provides ease of updating a website for even non-technical users.
  • Allows the ease of editing anywhere and anytime by being based on a common web browser.
  • Offers the ability to assign controlled roles to all the administrators of the CMS.
  • Permits the function of tracking as many versions of a file/document as desired.
  • Allows the ability to import, upload, create text files, videos and images etc.
  • Provides the circulation of content over the central server for easy access.

ix Main Categories of CMS

Content Management System [CMS] are basically software programs and strategies which are used in organizations to make different types of content such as information, human resource, multimedia resources, web files, electronic documents, multimedia, etc.

The six main categories of CMS which is categorized according to the type of application they perform are as follows:-

1] ECMS – Enterprise CMS:

This kind of CMS is used to manage the content of the organizational processes of the companies, enterprises or corporations.

2] WCMS – Web CMS:

CMS is software for creating and managing web content HTML. It implements automatic templates with a WYSISYG format for editing and creating web pages. It thus helps in simplifying publication of web content for companies.

3] Electronic Document CMS [e-document CMS]:

It manages the electronic documents which can be easily facilitated with e-mail notification and automated routing.

4] MCMS – Mobile CMS:

It is a software program which basically customized to create and manage mobile web pages. There is no need of programming skills for uploading, editing and approving content for mobile sites with the help of this software.

5] Component CMS:

It mainly involves management of components at the component level rather than whole documents or web pages. Mostly it acts as a sub function of all other CMS though it can also work as a separate application.

6] Media CMS:

This CMS is mainly designed for media like television, radio, etc.

These CMS are used as Management tools at the enterprise, web, mobile, media, electronic content and component levels.

Some core functionalities of today’s most widely used Content Management Systems has been listed below:-

1] Centralized Repository: CMS offers a fully centralized repository that enables authorized users to find and retrieve quickly and easily any digital content maintained by the company.

2] Rapid Import of Content: Nowadays, most content management solutions provide the ability to rapidly import existing files, documents, and materials, as well as unstructured digital information, into environment. This is because by the time company purchases or implements a CMS, they have already generated a large quantity of digital content.

3] SEO Control: CMS allows your organization to do the hardest part of Search Engine Optimization on your own and that is creating content. Also, it is important that the site give you the control over other important SEO data like title tags, Meta descriptions, etc. For optimization purpose you need to have full access to all SEO elements.

4] Security: Protection of confidential information is important component of CMS strategy. Most of them offer multiple level of security so as to ban unauthorized access.

5] Dynamic Tracking: With the help of CMS, administrators can closely monitor all activities which help them to understand how information is utilized to make more effective plans. Also, many CMS offers dynamic alert capabilities which instantly notifies when certain events occurs.

6] Speed and Performance: Use of Content Management Systems provides speed and reliability in its performance.

7] Clean URLs: The URLs created by CMS are not too long, can be understood by a person and can be customized if needed.

Gone are the days when you needed to be a coding language wiz to add or update content to your website. And gone are the days when you had to call for support if you did not know a programming language to update those new products and services to your website! Today’s content Management systems are the key. With Content Management systems, you can add, remove, and edit content to your website from a single console. No more waiting in queue for support and no more extra payments for those calls!

Here are some features:

  • Immediate modification of website content
  • CMS automatically generates the XHTML valid websites.
  • Helps you select for yourself a search engine friendly URL. (It displays a modifiable URL for you.)
  • It provides for automatic archival of expired material.
  • Management of multiple language content.
  • It is possible to upload files (text) and graphics.
  • It is possible to edit the files and graphics that were previously uploaded.

WordPress: Ideal for personal websites, blogs, small businesses, and those with the least technical and no desire to learn any programming skills, WordPress is a great place to start. It has the most available free themes (templates) and plugins available today. Originally developed as a blogging tool, it is now used commonly to create complicated websites. If you like to hack and code, WordPress can still indulge even the hard core programmer in you.

The primary benefits of WordPress:

  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to manage
  • An endless selection of user contributed plugins
  • The widest range of available templates
  • Search engine friendliness
  • Strong security
  • Since it is the most popular platform, the support community is very large
  • Huge community.
  • Easy to optimise for performance thanks to Donncha O Caoimh and Frederick Townes. Great work guys.
  • Easy to theme in a unique way. A WordPress site does not have to look like a WordPress site.

Great plugin architecture.

Plugins for everything.

Lots of great professional developers.

Fast development cycle. Improvements every year.

The primary disadvantages of WordPress vs. Joomla and Drupal:

  • User management is less robust than other platforms
  • Very large websites can suffer performance issues
  • Fairly weak core code (in comparison to Drupal, but not Joomla!) but core getting better every year.

Lots of really crap faker developers in the pool who couldn’t build a working website to save their mother’s life.

Lots of popular but seriously broken plugins which will cripple your website performance forever and make it nearly impossible for you to cleanly upgrade (NextGen Gallery, I’m looking at you but not just you).

Really crappy commercial themes which are heavily marketed but compromise your ability to either upgrade or switch themes and compromise performance for the life of your site.

Weak static page management without adding plugins.Easily fixed with said plugins.

Too fast an upgrade cycle. You have to keep upgrading your site, whether you like it or not, for security reasons. There are no security releases only new versions. Feel the pain for a commercial site with running a full complement of plugins. Corollary: choose your plugins and plugin developers very, very carefully for cleanliness of code and frequency of update.

Joomla: Olympus, Porsche, Sprint and Vodafone are just a few major corporations that use Joomla. Unlike WordPress, Joomla was never designed as a blogging software, but works fine for blogs, too. Joomla takes a little bit more time to set up than WordPress, but is overall more powerful and still easier than the mighty Drupal.

The primary benefits of Joomla:

  • Exceptional user management
  • Improved handling of different types of multi-media
  • Improved multi-language support
  • Easy to create website sections that look different from one another
  • Easily powers large websites with a large amount of content
  • Good menu system.

Strong static page structure (cf. weblog).

Built-in membership/community features.

Long time on the market.

I’m searching here.

The primary disadvantages of Joomla vs. WordPress or Drupal:

  • Weak security with many recent high-profile exploits reported
  • Somewhat complicated management system that is difficult to learn
  • A smaller number of pre-built themes and plugins compared to WordPress
  • Built-in performance pretty sluggish/clunky.

Horrid built-in URLs.

Weak weblog section.

Hard to theme. A Mambo/Joomla site looks like Mambo/Joomla, like it or not.

Crappy built-in SEO. Leading SEO plugin belongs to a very peculiar developer and is encrypted (have fun repairing the SEO plugin, we reverse engineered and decrypted it for our site to make our changes even after paying for it).

Nasty, nasty core code.Very difficult to fix broken items.

Fractured community (never healed after Joomla/Mambo split back in 2006).

Most good plugins are pay.

Rather mediocre developers. Anyone who likes to code in Joomla/Mambo in 2011 ought to see a psychiatrist.

Developer pricing is all over the map as there are many old-school Mambo/Joomla developers still ought there churning out convoluted future-resistant code quite affordably.

Drupal: The White House ditched its proprietary CMS a few years ago and now uses Drupal. Other companies using Drupal include AT&T, McDonald’s, Duke and Standford Universities, and Symantic, Fiju, Linux Foundation also use Drupal.

The primary benefits of Drupal:

  • Exceptional user management
  • Improved handling of different types of multi-media
  • Built for programmers it is easy to customize Drupal to do virtually anything
  • Easily powers large websites with a large amount of content
  • Extremely robust content management configuration options
  • Strong security
  • A thriving community of programmers
  • Very clean core code.

Good project leadership from Acquia.

Some very good developers available for hire.

Fewer clowns available for hire (you can either code Drupal or you can’t, it’s harder to fake it).

Can be made very server efficient in the right hands (scaleable).

The primary disadvantages of Drupal vs. WordPress or Joomla:

  • More complicated to setup and start using than the others
  • The management system is very sophisticated and can be overwhelming to some
  • A smaller number of pre-built themes and plugins compared to WordPress
  • Lessready made drop-in plugins. You’re going to have to get your hands dirty almost every time.

More imposing default user interface.

Fewer developers.

More expensive developers.

Features of Drupal Development

  • Easy to use: Drupal is a very easy to use CMS. A Nontechnical person can modify the site easily. In Drupal, developers can change Templates, fonts, colors as it has effective modules by which you can handle it easily.
  • Good design: Drupal has excellent themes you can use Drupal themes for making effective web design. With Drupal Development we help create themes that are unique for your business.
  • SEO Friendly: As Drupal provides you with the best themes you can develop SEO friendly sites. Moreover with the help of Drupal development you can get advanced control over URL.
  • Drupal Customized Website Design: Drupal has very effective themes after selecting themes developers have to design website layout and user comment places etc. For developing website with the help of Drupal development – Developers require better knowledge of PHP and MySQL
  • Upgradation : Drupal has better modules and with the help of these modules developers can develop customizations according to client requirement.

Drupal Development has many advantages as Drupal  is one of the best CMS. You can use manage and control your website when you are using Drupal Development.

Your website is the heart and soul of your online business. It is hence very essential to protect it from disasters – most likely a web server crash or any scenario that will make it unavailable to users. Implementation of an effective backup strategy is hence of utmost importance. It is necessary to backup your Drupal website on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

So what exactly should you include in your backups?

  • Database: Backup of the MySQL database is important. This is where all your website data is going to be! Ensure you read all the database backup guidelines for databases.
  • Core files: The root directory, and any files you might have modified for your website requires to be backed up.
  • Even the non-core files need to be backed up

Currently Drupal supports the following databases for web development:

  • MySQL (or some equivalent)
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite

These three databases work well with Drupal installations and are very frequently used by web development companies round the world!

Drupal being the most robust and flexible content management system, has gained popularity in a very short time. It has been used to build personal blogs to enterprise web applications. Drupal has the support of thousands of passionate open source developers over the world. Lets take a quick look at the features of the very new Drupal 7.8

  • Flexible content: You can define custom fields to be used with various content types, comments and terms. You can store the content in MySQL or SQL or a remote storage too.
  • Better Themes: You maintain control over what gets seen to the website visitor with the new Render API.
  • Administration screens are improved.
  • Automated code testing with millions of built in tests.
  • Database Support: Drupal now supports SQLite, MySQL/MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. You can install modules to useMS SQL Server, Oracle, and more.

Drupal, an open source web developer’s favourite tool, now has it’s latest version released. Drupal 7.9 was released last week. This is not a major release. It is a maintenance release and has a few bug fixes. It is also available for download on the Drupal website. Check it out! As per the website, the upgrade is strongly recommended. Here are a few fixes in Drupal 7.9 upgrade.

  • Critical bugs with the OpenID have been addressed.
  • Images – restored height/width attributes run through the theme system.
  • Fixed bug that would not allow you to preview the private images on the node form.
  • Added two new API functions (menu_tree_set_path()/menu_tree_get_path()) were added in order to enable setting the active menu trail for dynamically generated menu paths.
  • Fixed files getting lost when adding multiple files to multiple file fields at the same time

If you are looking for a content management system for your website, Drupal Development could be your best choice. Drupal 8 recently out and it is loaded with features for your website content management systems.

Mobile compatibility: Drupal 8 comes with a mobile friendly backend that allows us to manage web content on mobile devices too. Drupal Development professionals find this feature very exciting and take advantage to develop websites compatible with the generation next gadgets

Multiple-language support: Drupal Development is now possible to include various languages. A Drupal developer can easily configure this for you and your website audience have a wide option of languages to select from.

Critical bugs fixed: Bugs from the previous versions of Drupal are now fixed.

Scalability: Scalability has always been the strongest feature of any open source platform. So you can easily update your website for new features.

Power of HTML5: Drupal 8 takes advantage of the wonderful features provided by HTML5.

Drupal 8 is loaded with all new features that Drupal Development professionals can take advantage of

To Begin with, Drupal is an Open Source software platform that provides for a perfect base to develop perfectly customizable web applications. Drupal Developers have taken advantage of this powerful platform to provide their customers with the best web applications for their online businesses.

Drupal can be used for:

  • Website Content Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Networking Websites


  • Supported by a large and passionate developer community, Drupal has evolved as a very robust web development platform.
  • Clean and flexible coding capability, along with the ability to extend.
  • Separate modules available for customized add ons.
  • Built – in caching for high performance
  • SEO friendly – custom HTML titles, headers and meta tags. Google Analytics integration.

Customizable Content Management Systems platform giants Drupal and Joomla have been most widely used. Being similar as well as apart in many ways Drupal and Joomla both have won the hearts of many open source developers to create website and content management systems. The reason being the scope for customization they provide. Web development and customization is an art with a blend of technology. To be able to build innovative features and integrate them into an application requires skill of creativity and a technology expert to put them all together to craft the most unique web applications. Joomla and Drupal provide for the best raw material for such endeavors.

Here is a comparative analysis of the two much talked about CMS tools. To put it simply we are not trying to establish that one is better than the other, or this is not a promotion campaign for either of them. This is an attempt to place a comparison to help readers to make a decision about the product they want to use. With the strong foundation of open source, both Drupal and Joomla have been in the market for a long time and have been used successfully by developers to create, customize and provide their customers with ultimate solutions with add on features and all!

Let us take a quick look at what both the software are all about:

  • If you take a look at the user interface (UI), Joomla definitely scores points over Drupal as it has a very user friendly interface. Well, Drupal is a favorite amongst the techies who prefer to work in text mode.
  • Joomla comes with a default web editor. Joomla scores here too! Drupal does not have a default web editor.
  • Drupal’s shopping cart comes with a lot of features. Not the case with Joomla!
  • When you are looking at the categories and sub categories, Drupal provides for more categories and sub categories. Categories are unlimited in Drupal!
  • Both of them are not inherent blogging platforms, but can be made to perform that function too.

These are not the ultimate basis for your selection, but just an insight to what you are going to be working with. Ofcourse take a look at the technicalities and compatibilities and then make a proper selection for your web development projects.

The following list provides an overview of some of the best CM systems available today:

  1. Umbraco

Technology : ASP.NET (C#)


Setup time: 10 minutes+

Supported OS: Windows


Super simple template engine

Full support for Ajax frameworks like Script.aculo.us or ASP.NET Ajax

Scheduled publishing

Support for any .NET Language including C# and VB.NET

URL: http://www.umbraco.org


  1. Mambo

Technology : PHP


Setup time: 35 minutes+

Supported OS: Unix and Windows


Page caching

Content macro language (mambots)

visitor statistics

Voting / Polls


URL: http://www.mamboserver.com/


  1. Drupal

Technology : PHP


Setup time: 45 minutes+

Supported OS: Unix and Windows


Friendly URLs

Modules & Support


URL: http://drupal.org/


  1. Impress CMS

Technology : PHP

RDMS: a MySQL (others are planned)

Setup time: 10 minutes

Supported OS: Unix / Windows, MacOS


Flexible group-based permission system

Fully module-based

Built-in cache system

URL: http://www.impresscms.org


  1. Typo 3

Technology : PHP Supported


Setup time: 45 minutes+

Supported OS: Windows / Unix / MacOSX


On page editing

Intuitive Tree Structure for pages , folders and files

Internal Search Engine

URL: http://typo3.com


  1. Cushy CMS

Technology : Browser Based (PHP engine)

Setup time: 5 minutes+

Supported OS: N/A – hosted


On page editing

Extremely Simple

URL: http://www.cushycms.com/


  1. Made By Frog

Technology : PHP

RDMS: a MySQL database or SQLite 3

Setup time: 45 minutes+ Supported OS: Unix (Apache)


On page editing

Simple Philosophy

Add pages & Images

Extendable, includes an API

Uses Templating Code.

URL: http://www.madebyfrog.com/


  1. Radiant CMS

Technology : Ruby On Rails

RDMS: MySQL database, PostReSQL, SQLite3

Setup time: 45 minutes+

Supported OS: Unix (Apache)


Elegant user interface

Flexible templating with layouts, snippets, page parts, and a custom tagging language

Simple user management and permissions

URL: http://www.radiantcms.com


  1. Modx CMS

Technology : PHP

RDMS: MySQL database

Setup time: 45 minutes+

Supported OS: Unix (Apache)


Strong Web Standards Support

Web 2.0 Features

Graphical Installer

URL: http://modxcms.com/


  1. SilverStripe

Technology : PHP

RDMS: MySQL database

Setup time: 30 minutes+

Supported OS: Windows/Linux/Mac


Online image editor


User Defined Forms

Search Engine Optimised

Windows and PHP installer.

Version Control

URL: http://www.silverstripe.com


  1. Alfresco

Technology : JSP

RDMS: MySQL 5, Oracle 10

Setup time: 15 minutes+

Supported OS: Red Hat Enterprise, Sun Solaris 10, Windows Server 2003


Enterprise Level solution

Micro Sites

WebDAV / LDAP Authentication

Version Control

Convert PDF to Text via upload

Version Control

URL: http://www.alfresco.com


  1. DotCMS

Technology : J2EE/Java

RDMS: MySQL, Postgresql, MSSQL or Oracle.

Setup time: 60 minutes+

Supported OS: Windows or UNIX servers


Site-wide Templating

Streaming MP3 Player

Content Relationships

Inline Content Editing

Content versioning

URL: http://www.dotcms.org


  1. CMS Made Simple

Technology : PHP


Setup time: 15 minutes+

Supported OS: Unix


Modular and extensible

Minimal server requirements

Small footprint

Content hierarchy with unlimited depth and size

URL: http://www.cmsmadesimple.org/

Each CMS Joomla and WordPress offers unique functionalities and capabilities. Both of them work well for managing a website where WordPress works best when it comes to small and medium business and Joomla is best for the websites which demands multiple user privileges or custom database work.

WordPress CMS is the easiest CMS today to be used available on internet. It can be used for blogging and also can be configured easily to work in many other ways. It is very easy to use and it is simple when you wish to add images, publish a page or any other new item.

On other hand, Joomla CMS is the most popular CMS amongst designers, developers and administrators because of its flexibility and power. It enables all users to create great looking websites which is also easy to use. Joomla also features numerous capabilities and a developed custom database work.

Joomla includes a complex multiple user privilege system with user registration and layered content privileges, while WordPress doesn’t have such privilege system. Also when we talk about multiple user groups, Joomla is the best Open Source CMS Solution amongst all other Content Management Systems.

Both the CMS are good in their own functionalities and requirements. So the choice of making a selection from these two totally depends on the requirements and purpose of the website to be designed. If you talk about the simplicity of the system than WordPress is much easier and simpler then Joomla.

If you compare these two CMS and try to evaluate then you will always come to a conclusion that users using Joomla loves Joomla and Drupal users loves Drupal.

Drupal has superior architecture and it also has very SEO friendly platform. Drupal is always known for its sound and sturdy build. Drupal is used by large organization as it is a content management system for big projects as it has rock solid and high quality platform. Joomla is comparatively easy to install and setup but only one site can be developed per installation.

Compared to Joomla, Drupal is better when it comes to ability for non-technical people to learn the CMS interface, maintenance and upgrading, ability to create a new and functioning website quickly, and ability to teach clients to use their CMS more effectively. Joomla is used more by beginners comparatively as it has easy to use interface, gets install easily and in less amount of time.

Joomla is not as sophisticated as Drupal and it cannot perform as well as Drupal. Moreover, Joomla is not SEO friendly and it is used more by those who wants to create their personal websites or by those who just started working with web design. Joomla is basically not advisable for creating high-end websites. While Drupal is being used by many high profile sites like MTV UK, BBC, NASA, etc.

Drupal is rated higher than Joomla because of its support with multimedia, social networking, SSL, forums, event calendar, Blogging, document management, internationalization, user management and permission features, ease of external integration and developing large complex websites and quality of add-on for enhancing functionality.

Drupal can work with Apache and IIS while Joomla supports only Apache. Joomla supports SSL log-ins and SSL pages while Drupal doesn’t support them. Drupal has inbuilt Translation manager while Joomla has a free add-on for the same purpose.

So basically both of these content management systems are great tools it just depends on the nature of the project and functionalities of the project for which you require them.

E-Commerce consists of conducting business and associated transactions online, as well as transferring information and sales/purchases made via internet. Regardless of which industry your business belongs to, e-commerce is a great way of conducting business. E-commerce enables you to exchange services with your partners and customers without spatial restrictions.

E-Business involves all business functions to be conducted over the internet, for example, connecting with your clients, vendors and partners, making transactions and information processing. It allows you to reach clients all around the world, eliminating the barrier of only being able to conduct business within a certain geographical area. Although there are many advantages in conducting e-business, two of the most common and beneficial elements are the ability to communicate with your clients via electronic chat and email. Through electronic chat, businesses are able to provide support to their clients at any time, without having to set up appointments or physically visiting a client’s site. Furthermore, via e-mail, important documents can be exchanged between a business and its clients with a simple click of a button.

With E-Commerce & E-Business popularity in today’s world, online transactions are a basic need. Over time, not only have they become more secure and efficient, but they have also become the most convenient way of completing transactions. To ensure the security of these transactions, the websites offering secured hosting solutions include firewalls and SSL certificates.

There are thousands of online stores and thousands of e-commerce sites over the internet. The world of e-commerce is very competitive. If your business is online, make sure that you set it  up correctly. Maintain a checklist. Well, if you don’t, others will! Let’s take a look at five such common areas to look at and maintain a very basic checklist.

  • The most important part of your online store is your shopping cart. Ensure that product selection and check out process is easy.
  • Next important part is the payment gateway. Select the most secure one.
  • Provide appropriate product information and maintain a good return policy too.
  • Abide by internet security policies for your website right from the development stage.
  • Speed in loading the website is an important factor in terms of SEO as well as website visitors.

Stores and offices are being completely taken over by the internet. All your daily necessities are just a click away. There are online stores for products which are delivered at your door steps and online businesses providing services to customers globally, with no barriers like time or distance! Whether it is a plane ticket or a brand new dress, you can get it at your door within a few clicks. So, if you ask the future of e-commerce application development and web development- looks bright so far!

Even if there is a company with offices round the world, they definitely have marketing strategies which include Internet Marketing; they have online portals for sales and services too! As a result the demand for web developers have increased many fold. E-commerce in itself is a very competitive market. E-commerce application development naturally has caught up and is now able to provide the users with customizations and innovative features to existing systems!

With such increasing demands in the field of e-commerce, web development in the field shall also flourish for a long time from now!

You plan on an online store. You have a complete plan. A website, a web design, you even hired the best developers for the purpose. You are stuck at the decision for an ecommerce solution – complete with shopping cart and payment gateway and all. Let’s help you with some advantages of Magento  – very popular amongst open source web developers. To begin with, let’s say it’s an open source e-commerce platform and is favored by most open source fans.

Here are some of the advantages of using Magento as a very apt e-commerce solution:

  • Single page layout to reduce bounce rate and ensure that customers complete the transaction.
  • Ability to manage more than one online shop with a single shopping cart software.
  • Secure Payment Gateway.
  • Content Management System for managing your online store.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Multiple currency support.
  • Different shipping rules varying from country to country.
  • Most importantly, it has in built SEO feature

Looking for an out-of-the box online shop solution? Oscommerce provides you exactly with this – an all – in – one solution for your online business! Oscommerce is an open source platform for web development. This is a big advantage, because it can hence be customized in accordance to the requirements of different customers and different online businesses.

Oscommerce development has gained popularity due to its ability to be flexible and scalable. Written in PHP, Oscommerce provides a perfect platform for theme design and integration, payment gateways, and development of features and add – ons.

Here are some features:

  • Speed of installation
  • Built – in functionalities
  • SEO friendly
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Templates, Themes and skins – rich
  • Customizable for special widgets and buttons

Zencart is the art of ecommerce; it is an open source shopping cart system. Zencart is based on PHP and MySQl database, it supports xhtml template design. For developing ecommerce website Zencart is one of the best options.  The main purpose for selecting zencart development is that it provides better functionality, making payments settings, discount rate and taxes and it provides an easy customized look for your web site.  Zencart is one of the simple and user-friendly shopping cart software.  Zencart integrates with payment gateways.  Without any knowledge of html and programming you can design and modify your website.  ZenCart allows you to add your products.

Zencart development has become more and more popular with the rise in online businesses.  It has become very polular amongst web development service providing companies. The reason for selecting zencart is its capability to offer many features available with this system.

Features of Zencart:

  • Simple Installation
  • Simple Navigation
  • Automated task
  • Better forum supports
  • Customizable templates
  • Support multiple payment, taxes and language options
  • SEO friendly
  • Provides number of add-ons freely

With the help of zencart development you can develop your ecommerce website easily.  According to these features we can say that for developing and managing websites are not hard anyone can handle ZenCart developed website as it calculates tax, discounts etc automatically as well as it is also supply all accounting details to accounting department.

For starting online business and for developing ecommerce website ZenCart development is one of the best option you could have for a shopping cart solution.

Open cart is an open source shopping cart platform that is based on PHP and MySQL database management system. It has a variety of tools for building and managing an extra ordinary ecommenrce website.  Opencart software is fast, easy to modify and you can easily download it for free. Opencart comes with a built in Google analytics module which is called Google analytics ecommenrce tracking. Opencart is very helpful for making a shopping cart website. openCart system provides you fast, easy and affordable ecommerce development system.Open cart development can manage data and can also save all type of products. As all minute details are taken into consideration at the time of opencart development process, Opencart provides you qualitative output for opencart development.

The main benefit of opencart is that you can manage ecommerce website store without licensing fee or any registration process. Opencart can integrate majority of third party add-ons and modules by which you can make customizable and effective websites according to requirements. Opencart software is a search engine friendly software by which you can optimize your website very easily into search engine. And you can also get the benefit of increasing site visibility for your online business.

Opencart development process is very helpful for building and managing ecommerce websites.

For starting an online business, VirtueMart is one of the best options.  VirtueMart is a full featured ecommerce engine.  It must be used with Joomla or Mambo CMS.  VirtueMart is an open source ecommerce solution; it is available as a Joomla CMS system.  It is coded in PHP Language and MySQL database. The software is capable of secure socket layers with 128 bit encryption.  VirtueMart is best for ecommerce website and for selling products or goods online.  For online business holder VirtueMart is an essential part of the website. Joomla and VirtueMart both are used for managing every aspect of your website.

VirtueMart is very easy and simple for non-technical users once Joomla or VirtueMart is installed. After installing it you can edit images, content etc. as well as you can also manage data easily. VirtueMart has the best and the perfect product catalogs features. This feature also allows users to upload multiple categories and products.  The main benefit of  VirtueMart is you can use Joomla or magento template and you pair it with any VirtueMart themes which gives you unique and customized look as well it is easy to maintain, easy to learn and easy to extend.  VirtueMart offers different types of effective and flexible payment modules like PayPal, Credit Card etc.

VirtueMart features:

  • User friendly
  • Easy to Enhance
  • Shoppers can administer their accounts
  • Clean and object oriented
  • Supports multiple currencies and language
  • Mange shipping address
  • User can see previous orders
  • Powerful web administration Interface
  • Payments and shipping management
  • Multiple products and categories management
  • Order management
  • Flexible tax Calculation
  • Mail conformation

VirtueMart templates have different extensions one of the extra extensions includes import/export tools, payment extension, shipping and language extension etc.  VirtueMart offers best template options for creating professional e-commerce websites.

VirtueMart development includes various things such as VirtueMart template development, VirtueMart module development, vitrueMart customization etc.

The main objective of online business is to sell something, be it a product, a service or information. To achieve this, you need good web traffic on your website.

Some key strategies which should be considered to generate maximum traffic, customers and cash are:-

  • Images should be used as your e-commerce website should reflect how you want customers to feel about your business.
  • Promotional tools should be used for advertising your website.
  • Add links to your web page. Links increase visitors who often tend to become customers.
  • Another cost-effective strategy is starting with own affiliate program.
  • Inclusion of articles, news or facts related to your eBusiness is very important.

While starting with online business, proper planning is very necessary. The strategic areas that have a large impact on the success of ecommerce business are:-

1] Define your Market – While starting with online business, it is very necessary to reach and connect with customers. So you need to define the target customers that is who are going to buy your products and the product positioning that is why they will buy your products.

2] Choosing your Ecommerce Platform – There are number of Ecommerce products to choose from the range. Selecting the one depends on various factors and functionalities you require. Three strategic considerations while choosing are Inventory Management, SEO and Cost.

3] Adding Content – Content is the most important part for any website. Content should explanatory enough to attract visitors to purchase your products, or services.

4] Selecting Payment Method – The payment method should give good flexibility to customers while making the payment for any product or service. Bad Payment Method may lead you to lose your customer.

No. Web designing creates the look/interface of your website along with determining how users will navigate through your website. On the other hand, web development incorporates technical aspects, such as coding, and involves all the tasks in the back end of the website that determine the functionality of the website to the end.

Web development is a step-by-step process of constructing a fully functional website. The aspects of web development include:

  • Designing a website
  • Writing content
  • Connecting with clients
  • Scripting of client-side/server-side
  • Web server configuration
  • Provision of network security
  • E-commerce strategies

During web development, all the required information from a client is gathered, which is utilized in constructing a website that satisfies all of our clients’ needs.

MODx is the best open source content management system and web application framework. It is an extended version of MOD template, which is ported in XML. Modex is built in PHP language with MySQL backend. The MODx content management framework (CMF) is very fast and flexible framework. It is very useful for publishing content over World Wide Web as well as for intranet.

The reason behind selecting MODx is:

  • It is open source it means it is free to use.
  • MODx is very easy to install and upgrade.
  • MODx has a large community support and addons already created.
  • MODx has easy to integrate social features by which you can easily communicate with your audience.
  • It has better GUI
  • With the help of MODx you can add content from the front end too.
  • It supports PHP 4.3.11.
  • You can make SEO friendly web site

Generally MODx can be used for creating blogs with comments, for business web sites, for realty and family websites, for church websites etc. MODx  provides a great platform for MODx development.

Web development using PHP has been a popular choice for developers recently. PHP is a powerful coding language too. Being similar to C, C++ this coding language soon became a favorite of web developers. PHP uses MySQL for database purposes.

Here are some of the advantages of using PHP for web development:

  • Reliable and quick
  • PHP having a powerful output buffer provides high performance.
  • Along with MySQL, PHP extends support for other relational databases too.
  • Works well with different operating systems including Windows, Linux, and UNIX.
  • IIS and Apache, both web servers are PHP compatible.
  • Can be embedded into HTML code.
  • Low price- PHP is open source.
  • Small business as well as large e-commerce sites can be developed using PHP.

With all these features, PHP development has come a long way and will definitely survive for a long time too!

The most important benefit of PHP application development programming is it is an open source server side language which is completely free. Also the performance of PHP is superior because of which most of the developers prefer everywhere as it is faster and simpler.

Another benefit of PHP is its flexibility. Using PHP programming services you can easily build a dynamic website with required specific functionalities and characteristics and more user-friendly features. Another important thing about PHP is it does not depend on an external plug-ins to run the programs as it runs on the server and that is why it does not require anything from the end users.

PHP is comparatively simple and easy which helps PHP Programmers to make website’s navigation fast and smooth. PHP is also easy to be downloaded making it more popular in the field of web application development.

Website developed by PHP language is affordable as well as customizable as you can develop the website with custom requirements of clients in a more user-friendly manner.

The best performance, fast speed, reliability, versatility and efficiency is better than other programming languages because of which it has become more popular and famous among major web application developers.

Both PHP and Java are the web languages which are used for Web Application Development.

Originally, PHP was not supporting OOP [Object Oriented Programming]. But with PHP4 that problem was solved. Moreover, with PHP 5.3 some really great IDEs [Integrated Development Environments] have emerged to support PHP Development and the support for OOP has also improved tremendously. On the other hand, Java has always been uniquely defined by its OOP nature and has always had great IDEs.

Most of new programmers prefer PHP because of its support with both OOP and Procedural Programming and both are easy to learn. Java developers on the other hand are well trained and have to be properly familiar with OOP.

The consistency of PHP is better than Java. Java has little issues with consistency mainly that arrays and primitive types are different things than the objects one can’t create. While in PHP, arrays always get passed by value that is if you are assigning an array to a variable you are actually copying all its content to a new array. Basically PHP has nice arrays as they numerically indexed and associative too at the same time.

Java Web Development is mainly used in large corporations for more complex system development while PHP is mostly used in small scale or medium scale corporations. Today, both languages PHP and Java are on an equal footing as now PHP has a variety of wonderful IDEs to develop in and also supports OOP as effectively as Java. Because of this many large corporations have started adopting for PHP.

One common notion is, that mobile web experience is not as good as desktop web experience. Developing native or web applications, it is very important to understand that the needs of mobile web development are different than traditional desktop web applications.

Here’s why. Users with mobile phones are more in numbers. Access to mobile applications is more  easy than desktops, laptops etc. Other than this, mobile web development involves lots of inconsistencies. So, if you are planning a new website for mobile phones or re-fitting your existing website to work well on mobiles. Web development includes some basic steps.

  • Web development must consider the size of the screen and develop the website as per mobile specifications.
  • Browsers used in mobiles are different. You must test your websites for mobile browsers.
  • Mobile users have access to phones 24*7, so, your “contact” page or call to action can have a “click to call” option! So that you get the advantage of gaining instant customers!

A creative web development professional has a wide scope to imagine and build new features and mobile web applications.

A web application, either internet or intranet, is a program that is accessed over the web. It uses HTTP for the core communication protocols and delivers web-based information to the user in the HTML language. It follows one or more of the following elements:

  • Utilization of a database
  • Development via application development tools
  • Extraction of data from multi-record files
  • Requirement of a constantly running server process
  • Storage of input data from data entry screens or web forms
  • About Your Project

An apt team of experts will be allocated to your project depending on the scope and nature of it. You will have full access to communicate with us about your project progress or any other questions or concerns you might have via Skype.

We do not proceed with our work, nor do we finalize anything before our clients give their final approval. Everything we design will be based on your needs and wants. You will be informed and included every step of the way during the development process via constant updates through BaseCamp and open communication with our developers via Skype.

Electronic form will be most appropriate i.e. outputs by a digital camera and content in MS Word or similar.

If you are not happy with our proposed designs, we’ll discuss it with you to make the kind of changes you want. Our aim is to make you happy and go beyond your expectations. There is no way we’ll leave you with a design you don’t like.

You can communicate with us using the following methods of communication:

Skype: our team will always be available online to satisfy your queries. You can have live chats with our team members if you have any questions or concerns about your project.

Answer questions and provide technical information requested by the developers

In accordance with our post-development procedures, we provide a complete backup of all the files created and utilized in delivering your project

No. Once we have developed your website and uploaded it on the servers, it is your decision to include advertisements on your website or not. Should we come up with ideas or suggestions which are beneficial to your business and website, we seek our clients’ input and permission first before adding the content to their website.

Yes, we offer web hosting services too. See our Services page!

In accordance with our post-deployment commitment, our development team provides you with 12 months of full technical support.

From the completion date of your project, we make minor changes to your website for up to 3 months without any additional costs incurred, should an element not meet your requirements.

Yes, the Control Management System we provide will enable you to manage you website on your own. We also offer guidance to familiarize our clients with the CMS and its features so that they can utilize it to its full potential.

Once we have completed your website, we provide you with all the files associated with the website. Therefore, you can easily transfer your website to any hosting service.

Some of our completed projects are shown in the Portfolio section. Please, contact us for more information and detailed inquiries.

Yes, we certainly do website redesigning. We can upgrade your old website, keeping your original design or we can revamp it entirely using a new design and interface. We guarantee to utilize the latest technologies and styles in giving your website a completely new look!

Depending upon the nature and technicalities involved in a project, we usually take 45 days (max) to complete and deliver a project to our clients.

No. We create websites for client all around the world. It is possible to collaborate via internet, email and telephone effectively, irrespective of location.

We certainly do! Our content writers are ready to take the text on your website and give it a completely new twist with their creative words and ideas! With their power of writing, our content writers are able to provide an additional new element to the new look of your website!

I hear that there are hidden costs associated with web design services. Is this true?

No. Based on your project requirements, we provide you with the complete budgeting schedule of your project, upon creating a customized proposal for you. No additional costs are added once the proposal is accepted; unless, otherwise, there are additional tasks added which were not in the original task list.

Can you provide all of our web design and hosting services?

Yes, we sure can! We have facilities covering all aspects of designing websites, registering domains, hosting websites and arranging email accounts. You can count on us for everything.

  • WordPress

WordPress Features

  • Full values observance
  • Visitors to your site can leave comments
  • Spam protection
  • Registration
  • WordPress theme design, templates and pages
  • WordPress Links
  • Quick text formatting
  • XHTML 1.1
  • Highly smart Line Breaks
  • Fully compliant XHTML/CSS interface
  • Guide excerpts
  • New Default Templates

WordPress Services

  • Set Up The Most Up-To-Date Version Of WordPress To Use As A Blog Or CMS
  • Adding WordPress Blogs To Existing Sites
  • Formation Of Database For Use For WordPress
  • Customized WordPress Websites Development
  • Fixing Of Theme Of Your Option On Your Hosting Account
  • Install Standard Ping Catalog
  • Adding Up Widget Capacity To Older Themes
  • Install Our Chosen Normal Plug-In To Work With Your Theme
  • Generate Customized WordPress Themes designs
  • WordPress Upgrades
  • WordPress MU Installation
  • WordPress SEO Services
  • WordPress Security Audits
  • Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Custom Solutions based on wordpress


  • Joomla

Joomla Features

  • Totally database driven site engines
  • Fully editable and manageable services section
  • Authors can add different topics
  • Customized layouts with widgets and layouts
  • Can upload images to picture library
  • With updated features of dynamic Forum

Joomla services

  • Joomla custom web design templates
  • Migration of your existing site to Joomla
  • Joomla web design and development
  • Maintenance of Joomla Portals development
  • Customization of existing Joomla modules, plug-ins and components
  • Easy Joomla Integration of existing systems into Joomla-developed websites
  • Joomla Custom development of various components for your site



  • Oscommerce Development Features

Here are some features:

  • Speed of installation
  • Built – in functionalities
  • SEO friendly
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Templates, Themes and skins – rich
  • Customizable for special widgets and buttons
  • Zencart Development Features

Features of Zencart:

  • Simple Installation
  • Simple Navigation
  • Automated task
  • Better forum supports
  • Customizable templates
  • Support multiple payment, taxes and language options
  • SEO friendly
  • Provides number of add-ons freely


  • VirtueMart Development feature:

VirtueMart features:

  • User friendly
  • Easy to Enhance
  • Shoppers can administer their accounts
  • Clean and object oriented
  • Supports multiple currencies and language
  • Mange shipping address
  • User can see previous orders
  • Powerful web administration Interface
  • Payments and shipping management
  • Multiple products and categories management
  • Order management
  • Flexible tax Calculation
  • Mail conformation